Why shooting nude pics is banned in Buenos Aires

If you want to send a cheeky selfie to a friend, you will not be able to do so in Argentina. The predominantly Roman Catholic country expects its people to maintain high moral standards.

You may wonder why there is so much fuss over nude pics. These explanations may remove your confusion.
1. The Internet Ban
Like all countries, Argentina has concerns with the spread of child pornography over the Internet. The World Wide Web, which can be difficult to regulate, has become a tool for people to defame others and spread hate speech. With its use increasing, cities like Buenos Aires have become hotbeds for Neo-Nazis and other race-hate groups.
Websites in Buenos Aires have also become gateways for nude pics. The authorities pursue every case of child pornography that surfaces. It has found major search engines like Google and Yahoo liable for its spread.
2. Argentinian Views on Religion and Morality
The politics, society, and culture of Argentina have its roots in Roman Catholicism. The country makes the Roman Catholic Church part of its national identity. The strong ties between the two entities are evident. The church is heavily involved in the establishing of economic, social and cultural policies.
The Roman Catholic Archdiocese has a firm stand on moral matters. The pro-life faith does not condone defamation or hate speech. It is also strictly against abortion and pre-marital sex.

A simple, tongue-in-cheek photograph of yourself, of course, would have no place in Buenos Aires society.
3. Argentinian Politics
Like the United States and many other nations, Argentina is a democracy. However, the constant chaos that occurs has prompted the rise of military regimes. There is, of course, an encroachment on democracy and human rights.
The country’s present president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, affected a policy of “ideological cleansing,” removing people in the military’s top ranks and putting younger leaders in their place. It was an attempt to give the civilian government some authority.
Despite this, it is evident that the country still has some way to go regarding giving citizens more intellectual freedom.
4. Societal Standards
Argentina has a boisterous, open culture that stems from Spanish colonization and influence. However, there are societal norms that you should conform to when you are in the country.
The people frown upon drinking alcohol in public places and see those who do so as being uneducated. Further, there is an element of conservatism. You will receive negative, and sometimes aggressive reactions should you try to discuss sensitive topics, including nude photos in http://www.imageweb.ws/ (NSFW).
You will soon realize the country’s clear stand against nude pics and pornographic media when you are in Buenos Aires. Remember to ask parents before taking photographs of their children. You may receive disapproving looks, or get into a minor tussle with the authorities.
5. The Sanctity of Sex
The Catholic community of Argentina believes that sex is sacred. Couples should never engage in it before marriage. The Catholic Archdiocese usually requires them to attend counseling programs before they wed.
The aim of these programs is to educate young people on sexuality, marital relationships, and the sacred nature of sex. They also emphasize the church’s anti-abortion stance. In an attempt to prevent unwanted pregnancies, these programs introduce couples to natural family planning.

The sending of nude photographs breaches sexual sanctity. Many of Argentina’s citizens, especially the conservatives, would not encourage it.
You will realize why Buenos Aires bans nude pics if you have some understanding of Argentinian society.